Gloomio Doll

Dimensions:9 × 9 × 34 in
  • HANDCRAFTED BEAUTY: Like all of Katherine's Collection's creations, this 34-inch Gloomio doll is handcrafted to the highest standard of quality.
  • SHAKESFEARE COLLECTION: The Shakesfeare collection from Katherine's Collection combines Halloween themes with elements from Shakespeare's works, resulting in unique and elegant decor pieces.
  • PERFECT HALLOWEEN DECOR: With its male skeleton design, complete with hat, cape, and jeweled dagger, this Gloomio doll is perfect for adding a creepy touch to your Halloween decor.
  • VERSATILE DISPLAY: Display this Gloomio doll by a window, door, or even at the bottom of your stairs for an eerie accent piece in your home or office.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Choose any piece from Katherine's Collection for a special and beautiful gift, whether it's for a housewarming, wedding, or simply because.

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